Clinics in Israel today are a combination of high quality doctors, latest medical technology and comfortable infrastructure.
  • Assuta Clinic
    Assuta Institutes and Hospitals is a model of impeccable professionalism, comfort and technical excellence, providing medical care that meets the highest international standards.
  • Sheba Medical Center
    Sheba is one of the best clinics in Israel and the entire Middle East region. Here the first child in Israel conceived through artificial insemination was born. Advances in bone marrow and stem cell transplantation.
  • Ichilov Clinic
    At the Ichilov Clinic, all the treatments that exist in the world today are performed. There are 800 world-renowned professors and leading physicians working here. The clinic is equipped with the most modern medical equipment.
  • Soroka Clinic
    The Soroka Clinic is one of the largest treatment and diagnostic centers in Israel. The hospital's modern equipment allows diseases to be diagnosed at the earliest stages, which contributes to a more precise and effective treatment applied afterwards.
  • Hadassah Medical Center
    In 2018, Hadassah Medical Center in Israel turned exactly 100 years old and is Israel's oldest and most respected medical institution. One of the hallmarks of the Jerusalem hospital is the availability of medical services of the highest possible quality.
  • Tel HaShomer Clinic
    The Tel Shomer Clinic in Israel has achieved most impressive results in many areas of medicine in collaboration with the country's leading universities and the prestigious American Cancer Center - MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Barzilai Clinic
    The Barzilai Medical Center is staffed by doctors of the highest caliber, true experts in their field. Innovative methods of disease treatment have been uniquly developed here, proving to be more effective than classical and widely used methods in other countries of the world.
  • Kaplan Clinic
    Kaplan Medical Center is a combination of professionalism, innovation, excellence and an individualized approach to each patient. "Kaplan is an academic medical institution that collaborates with research centers in Israel.
  • Rambam Clinic
    Rambam Medical Center is Israel's leading public hospital with a scientific base, collaborating with Harvard University as well as Johns Hopkins University for medical research. It is one of the top 3 hospitals in the country in terms of quality of healthcare.
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